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Facebook Page Development

Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia and web solutions provider.

Facebook Page Development


Facebook Fan Pages

'Social Presence' is the key factor you ought to have for your business’ representation in the ample of social media networks. So if you want to compete, you will need it for your business too. In the huge market of social media, Facebook is known as the supreme platform on the virtual world of viral system that earns more revenue than any other social media site.

We have mastered this art. We will make sure that our clients will get the best ROI on facebook.

Facebook Fan Page Development

Facebook has come up with several amazing functions and features, so introduced Facebook Fan Page. It is the widely used and popular feature in the masses due to its maximum reach and interactive nature that keeps your customers engaged with you. Facebook fan page has the capacity to promote your products and services in a very cost-effective manner, yet fulfills the requirement of advertisement efficiently. You can keep your fans/ clients updated with the new happenings in the town while you are creating a very casual and strong bond with your fans/ clients/potential prospects. You can reach your targeted niche with it and can easily get real time feedback that will help you modifying your current strategies

Taarruni as Facebook Fan Page Developers

Facebook fan page development is creating a cut-throat competition in the viral market and so Facebook Fan Page Developers are constantly indulged in making Fan Pages for companies and individuals. Google yourself and amused by finding the countless Facebook fan pages uploaded to date and still growing with the swift pace.

How does it work?

Are you;

  • going to launch a new product?
  • Planning a concert?
  • Hiring is about to start?
  • Sales that will knock out your competitors?
  • Releasing your next album?

Everything you think your fans, existing clients and your potential customers must know is needed to be shared in your Facebook fan page. There you can post photos and videos, throw freebies, add extra applications, start discussion, offer exciting discounts on your products & services and can upload a glimpse of your next album too. You don’t need to send notifications individually, now all at one place and messages can be sent simultaneously.

Have you realized what you are going to get from it? Recognition, credibility and profit ultimately. Options are endless and can fit to almost every situation.

Facebook does require some planning and research. We always start every social media marketing strategy with a month of listening. This means that we research some key phrases, competitors, influential bloggers, known personalities or industry leaders and observe what is going on in that particular category. We do this for several reasons, a few include:

  • Understanding what consumers think about particular brands, products and services
  • Who is influencing consumers through Facebook
  • How competitors are using Facebook
  • Who's generating the most conversions (meaning getting consumers to purchase, donate,engage,etc)

In order for your strategy to make an impact it needs to follow trends, know where your target audience spends their time online, and how to communicate about your products and services without spamming people or getting blocked from networking platforms.

Understand that assumptions are not facts. Most businesses end up speaking to their existing partners and co-workers online. This is great if your goal is peer-building, but it's not going to increase your online presence. We do not use offline data to market your brand online. We do not assume that everyone is like us. We always begin our research understanding that we know nothing- that way any current opinions can't cloud our judgment and lead us down the wrong path.

facebook page development

facebook page development bangalore

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