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Google Adwords PPC Services

Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia and web solutions provider.

Google Adwords PPC Services


Taarruni offers PPC Consulting and PPC Management Services, Google Adwords tools to match your SEO requirements:

Why do you need Pay per Click (PPC) services?

Pay per Click might be considered as guaranteed top listing tool. Specifically with Google and Yahoo, where you would be required to pay when a prospect clicks on your listing/advertisement. The PPC rates can range from $0.10 up to $10 or more based on keyword competition.

PPC is more suitable for customers who want to administer their own PPC campaign or already have such a thing in place but want to make it more effective. This requires bids and keyword study, analysis of Meta tags, titles, and keywords, landing pages and suggestions are steps to follow.

Advantage PPC

When you chose Pay per Click service, you chose to receive better and faster responses for your business queries. While the organic Search Engine Optimization can take around 3-6 months time to deliver tangible results, PPC can fix your time in receiving responses almost instantly. Your ad is put in “sponsored links” or “paid ads” on Google search pages which distinctly highlight your ad but only when dealt wisely and in planned way. We offer the best prices and keywords for PPC to convert them into business prospects. You don’t need to pay anything for your ads; it’s just for the clicks. Since you have full freedom to define your budget, you have full control on your expenses.

PPC Management is suited for clients who go for better visibility and highest ROI. Generating a quantifiable ROI for the PPC program is what we constantly seek for. Our SEO Positioning Services are designed to generate top rankings to a low to moderate as well as very high competitive keywords. Our experts develop packages on link popularity building, Pay per click (PPC) campaign Management, article submission, blog submission and constant SEO Maintenance. Before making SEO related changes to our client’s site, our engineers review the website intimately to ensure that no unforeseen problem arises in the SEO campaign at a later stage.

Advertising with Google Adwords

The Google AdWords is platform where you can connect with prospective customers looking for similar services and products as offered by your firm.

The Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool is designed to assist advertisers to calculate the cost of targeting specific keyword phrases, along with an estimation of the prospective clients.

It can also be used to search for keywords that accurately sum up an article, so that the author can tag the content appropriately so that it can be found by people looking for information on a given topic.

By having your text ad appear on search results, you get exposure at the point of search.

We are managing adwords with many keywords challenging campaign for local, national and international clients. Since the time we have started managing their adwords, the Click through Rate (CTR) have improved continually.

These days Google Adword Services have become the only single way to put your ad in the Google list where you get an opportunity to state keywords Google want to target and bid for. Getting a constantly high traffic on your website is just a matter of hours once you avail this service. Our Google AdWords Packages and Google PPC Packages continue to be cost-effective and flourishing despite the growing competition around.

The benefits

  • It reduces time in bringing traffic to your site than other online marketing services.
  • Your ad becomes distinctly visible.
  • The trade tricks are at our fingertips to help you get the most out of your budget.

Using the AdWords PPC Keyword Research Tool

To isolate keyword phrases that can be profitably dominated, 'Estimated Average CPC' and 'Search Volume' metrics are some of the research tools which are adopted by our developers in content creation for SEO based services. As Google is the most widely used search engine, we leave no chance in promoting your business with the most technically placed SEO services.

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