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Web Application Development

Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia and web solutions provider.

Web Application Development


Web applications development is critical requirement of any business to sustain and succeed online. The ever evolving technologies for web application development make it a hard nut to crack but our Technicians and team of IT experts can manage the web applications development flawlessly. Our system can make your business work with ease, streamlined and better monitoring management.

As per your requirements, we develop the web application to suit your needs, and assist you in dealing with process delays, theft of data, data access and data recovery. We develop applications which can run on any platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. To fulfill the industry standards and technical requirements, our web application developers are well trained and experienced.

E-Commerce Sites

Ecommerce web sites give new dimensions to your business. Ecommerce offers you the benefits like reduction in cost, 24/7 access, instant updates on products and stocks, secure transaction options which are not provided by traditional commercial and trading methods. We follow step by step development process for your online trading practices. With the development of Ecommerce web sites, following activities come into process:

Re-vamping of ecommerce websites

  • Customizing other shopping carts
  • OS Commerce customization
  • PayPal integration for accepting payments from PayPal members and Credit Card holders
  • Payment Gateway Integration for accepting all major International credit card

We design services to squeeze maximum online and offline potential. We develop Ecommerce web sites using JSP, ASP, ASP.net, PHP, Perl and backend supports like Oracle, MSSQL, Mysql, etc.

Faster processing of orders is a major advantage of using Ecommerce web sites especially for payment processing. Therefore, by developing Ecommerce web sites, we offer a wide array of services for B2B and B2C solutions. Full product training, free technical support, integrated payment solutions using Paypal and WorldPay, are some of services provided by us that define highly successful Ecommerce business solutions.


The CMS (Content Management System) workflow developed by us can reduce your website maintenance cost and efficiently make, deploy and maintain content. By using the CMS, you can update and change items like news, price changes, and press releases for free. We provide the best administrative tools for managing your content.

The updation and relevancy of any content on the website, its freshness should be precisely taken care of. We ensure to keep this thing in mind while developing the most flexible and adaptable Content Management Systems for your website. If you have an E-commerce website, CMS is the best solution that can boost your business. As CMS are password protected, they provide better security to your website. At a single click you can update and modify your content in a most protective way. Besides, it also enhances your employees’ productivity as it saves lot of time. You don’t need a programmer or HTML knowledge to update the content. Our developers create the most suitable CMS web applications for easy authoring and delivery of your content.


Joomla is the most recognized CMS (Content Management System) which we widely use for developing your websites and adding powerful applications to your pages. This freely available and open solution source is most widely recommended tool as it is vastly used and very user friendly. Our team of Joomla web development has unique skills to develop and initiate your business solutions. Using this most popular software for web designing , our Joomla programming team can help you publish anything on intranet and internet, ranging from online content, blogging, forum messages, classifieds, shopping, Ecommerce, etc.

The ease of use of Joomla based websites is most sought after reason for the success of this system.

Taarruni team provides following features to your Joomla website:

  • Development of websites and web portals using Joomla 1.5
  • Joomla 1.5 design incorporation, theme and template development
  • Joomla convention modules development and Joomle website maintenance
  • Using Joomla templates for designing
  • Remote creator obedience module for News, Articles, FAQs and Links
  • Module Integration in Joomla
  • Websites/ portals maintenance using Joomla
  • Allow email-a-friend and Print-any format for every story and article
  • components Development
  • E- Shopping / e-commerce websites development
  • Ability to run on any server like Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, AIX
  • Image library , Object hierarchy, Auto Path-Finder, Polls/Surveys
  • Transform order of objects including news, FAQs, write-ups etc
  • In-line Text editor similar to Word Pad
  • Template Manager, Custom Modules, Advert manager, Outline preview for pages

We have the most experience and skilled Joomla developers to accustom your business requirements. So, don’t look further, send your enquiries now.

WP (wordpress)

wp (wordpress) is another content management system widely used for blog publication purpose. The ease to adapt it, customize it, developing and maintaining it adds to its USP. After Joomla, it’s the next most popular tool for website development which is used by over 200 million websites. Simple designs, adaptable templates, and plug-ins modules provide a lot of comfort for website owners. Wordpress is unrestricted and an open source and therefore not only we can modify your websites by this tool but can also create dynamism and ever appealing freshness to the look and content. Websites affiliating to Wordpress get more traffic and hence are considered as most innovative tools for website development.

The professional at Taarruni are well versed with the intricacies of using Wordpress and other such tools to provide you the most state of the art website development solutions.

Flash Programming

With Flash comes life. It seems as if your website is talking, listening, acting and doing various activities on its own. Flash programming enables your website to represent itself as an individual identity.

Being catchy, thrilling and interesting in appearance, the Flash programming based website can make the viewers stay for long on your website. Therefore, there are lots of benefits of using Flash programming for your website. Our Flash programming experts can make any kind of website well in your budget.

We provide following feature in Flash programming:

  • Creative designing and imagination
  • Technical knowledge of Flash tools and programming tools
  • Business standards and processes where Flash programming can be used

Although many website development companies provide Flash programming but there comes certain issues like

  • File size
  • Search engine optimization

As Flash websites take longer time in opening, the conversion rate can go down.

But we ensure that without these hassles, you get the result for your trust on us. We use non-vector fonts for optimizing Flash contents as well as the SIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) method to use Flash tactfully for SEO.

web applications development

web applications development bangalore

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  • Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia , web solutions provider and sem company in india. Web Design Company Bangalore - Taarruni is a one-stop Web solution for web development orientations, Internet Application Development.
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