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Website Designing Services

Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia and web solutions provider.

Website Designing Services


There are millions of web designing service providers on the internet. Choosing Taarruni Design Solutions depends on what is important for you as we develop customized solutions. The quality, support and maintenance of the web content are well planned and executed / designed to meet your specific need.

What We Offer

  • Website Designing Services
  • Flash website designing
  • Emailer Designing Services
  • Landing page

Website Designing Services

Our website designing service includes:

  • Static and Dynamic Website Designing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Re-Designing

We cover every aspect of your business and develop its online identity matching with your corporate image. Besides providing good quality web pages, we create websites with fast download time, easy navigation, and a definitely high ranking.

We successfully present your business ideas in an interesting manner rather just plain designing. Good designing is all about how flexible your website can be made so as to modify and redesign and re-develop it time and again. We make it a point to give a distinct and complete look to your website.

Flash Website Designing

The flash based websites are more appealing than the simple HTML based websites as they are very well designed and animated. They attract more viewers and look more interactive.

An animated Flash introduction or a banner developed in Flash can definitely increase the chances of better flow of web traffic on your website and increase time on site, thus reducing bounce rate.

Our Flash website designing is in wavelength with the latest developments in the field of dynamic website designing and development. We develop the most compatible website designs in Flash without compromising the quality at an unbeatable cost.

In Google’s (or any Search Engine’s) Crawler, the indexing of Flash based WebPages have become possible now as the Adobe Flash Player has now been integrated with Flash indexing algorithm. This development in the field of dynamic and flash website designing has enabled such websites to become more search engine friendly. We assure that your business dreams can come alive through the virtually live content developed by our skilled team in Flash web designing.

Apart from Flash Web designing, we do comprehensive flash presentations for your business, be it a corporate presentation or a product presentation. If you are looking for some flash based computer learning systems with extensive action script 3.0 coding, then you are at the right place.

Banner Designing

The banners are the fact files of the organization. Banner color, Banner size, design , content are few of the very important things in making an effective advertisement for promoting your business. Online Banners are our special creation to custom banner ads for your website. The animated banners catch the attention of the visitors and provide with quick summary of your services. We will have pleasure to understand and develop appropriate banners for you.

Emailer Designing Services

Be it a small business enterprise or a big one, quick and reliable communication is always a challenge. The emailer services help communicate you with all of your clients very rapidly. The mass mailing system provides you with the option to send bulk mails about your new products, special promotion schemes, and important information, etc. Our emailer service is a compact and swift solution for all of your business communications. The system once developed can provide you with completely automatic solutions like:

  • Auto mailing of tracking numbers and invoices to online clients
  • Auto notification to your customers about all of your products, schemes etc.
  • Auto mailing of daily/ weekly information to all of your subscribers.

Landing Page

When a prospective client clicks on the link provided by you, he reaches or ‘lands’ on a page of your website which can be home page or any specific page dealing with the particular service category. Landing page or Lead Capture Page creation requires deep analysis of linking URLs at a right place.

We design and develop both types of Landing pages i.e. reference and transactional. Making a landing page is like inviting people to your website to spend some time reviewing your services and perhaps contact you for a deal. Well designed Landing Pages give better definition of your business and provide better conversion rates. If we can help you give your customers what they are exactly looking for, our job is done.

website designing services bangalore

website designing services

  • Address: Taarruni Design Solutions, No. 67/1-1, “PRAVARA”, H.B. Samaja Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560004
  • Phone: +91 80 26561646
  • Phone: +91 98458 28849
  • Email: info@taarruni.com

  • Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia , web solutions provider and sem company in india. Web Design Company Bangalore - Taarruni is a one-stop Web solution for web development orientations, Internet Application Development.
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