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SEM Services

Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia and web solutions provider.

SEM Services


Promotion of the products and services is equally important as their development.

As per the affordability of the clients, we understand their requirements and help them reaching the targeted customers at an affordable price.

Our experts well understand the intricacies of the online marketing and design the promotional literature as per the technicalities of the search engine marketing beyond the traditional advertising.

Our search engine marketing services include:

  • Organic Search engine optimization
  • Content creation
  • Banner advertising
  • Link Building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online PR building (forums, blogs, discussion borads, etc.)
  • Web Submissions
  • PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a kind of internet based marketing that increases your website’s visibility in the search pages result over any search engine.

This modern marketing technique can make your business expand its appearance and reach across the world. We have provided Search Engine Advertising Solutions to numerous business enterprises at many international locations. Our expert SEM professionals know and implement all facts of search engine marketing to convert visits into responses on your website.

A variety of search engine marketing techniques are used to propel your products and services. Some of the major SEM techniques include the following:

  • SEA
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Submission and Directory Enhancement

Search engine advertising usually follows pay-for-placement (PFP) model where you are required to pay for getting a top rank on the search engine and its complete network. Following five factors affect the successful implementation of Search Engine Advertising strategy:

  • Ad copy
  • Ad distribution
  • Bid Price
  • Effective landing pages
  • Keyword Selection

Paid Submission and Directory Enhancement:

In a paid program for submission, you have to pay certain amount to get your websites reviewed by online editors. But, it may not guarantee that this editing process can take your website to be accepted in a search engine directory or not.

The title (non HTML), the description (non meta-tag) and category selected for any campaign actually decided for inclusion in a directory.

There are some free submission directories as well. But as their future is uncertain, most of the clients go for paid submission directories such as Business.com and Yahoo.com. Yahoo charges $299 annually to enlist your website and this money is paid to a human editor called ‘surfer’ who works for Yahoo and reviews your submission.

Why you need us?

As even Yahoo cannot guarantee to add your website in its list, you certainly need a professional search engine marketing professional. We understand the value of your money and importance of getting your submission done in right way. Your submission’s content is accurately composed, appropriately put in directory categories and are reviewed by our search engine marketers. We critically examine every step taken in paid submission as once the submission is done; it’s very difficult to go for any changes.

Many companies provide only SEA or SEO. Although they don’t show major differences in the two but advertising is just one component of marketing and therefore we deeply analyze all advertising related features such as branding, customer service, sales and distribution, etc.

If you want to go for redesigning and reconstructing content for your website, we can probably best suit to your requirements, as we not only specialize in SEO but in SEM as well.

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  • Taarruni Design Solutions (TDS) is a leading Multimedia , web solutions provider and sem company in india. Web Design Company Bangalore - Taarruni is a one-stop Web solution for web development orientations, Internet Application Development.
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